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Stained Glass in Tunbridge Wells | Bespoke Stained Glass & Leaded Lights Commissions That Beautify Properties

While many predicted that stained glass and leaded lights would simply die out as tastes became increasingly modern, seeking out the new and rejecting the past, we’ve come to realise that this was a poorly thought out prediction! In fact, everything from traditional Victorian stained glass to modern encapsulated stained glass units remain popular features, having won many fans who appreciate their richness, warmth, and distinct aesthetic character. As specialists who not only handle bespoke stained glass and leaded lights commissions, but handle Tunbridge Wells and the wider South East’s requirements around stained glass repairs, leaded light repairs and stained glass restoration, the Visions in Glass team has looked here to delve into the technical disparities between these two different features…

Stained Glass vs. Leaded Lights: Understanding the Technical Differences

Stained GlassStained glass windows are composed of individual pieces of collared glass held together by strips of lead known as "cames." The glass pieces are traditionally painted or stained to achieve desired colours and designs. These windows are often found in churches, historical buildings, and residential properties around Tunbridge Wells, adding a touch of artistic flair and diffusion of light.

While many stained glass pieces are mass produced, often emulating Victorian stained glass or forming part of encapsulated stained glass units, at Visions in Glass we specialise in the design of bespoke stained glass features, meticulously crafted to suit the preferences and architectural requirements of our Tunbridge Wells clients. We also offer stained glass repairs and stained glass restoration services, addressing issues such as cracked glass, deteriorated lead cames, and faded colours, particularly in Victorian stained glass pieces.

Leaded Lights – Leaded lights, on the other hand, consist of clear or textured glass panes held together by lead cames. Unlike stained glass, leaded lights typically do not feature painted or stained glass pieces, relying instead on the clarity and texture of the glass itself to create visual interest and diffusion of light. These windows are commonly found in traditional and period properties around Tunbridge Wells, contributing to their timeless charm and character.

Our workshop specialises in crafting leaded lights that complement various architectural styles, from classic to contemporary. We also offer leaded light repairs, addressing issues such as broken or cracked glass panes, damaged lead cames, and deterioration of solder joints. Our goal is to restore the integrity and luminous quality of leaded lights while preserving their architectural significance.

Encapsulated Stained Glass – Encapsulated stained glass combines the aesthetic appeal of stained glass with the practicality of double-glazed units. These panels feature a bespoke stained glass design encapsulated between two layers of glass, providing insulation and protection against external elements. Encapsulated stained glass panels are often used in modern construction projects being staged around Tunbridge Wells: projects where energy efficiency is a priority, but a contemporary twist on traditional craftsmanship won’t go amiss!

Visions in Glass specialise in the design, manufacture, and restoration of encapsulated stained glass panels, catering to the evolving needs of architects, designers, and homeowners in Tunbridge Wells. Whether it's creating bespoke stained glass designs or carrying out stained glass restoration on existing panels, we will always prioritise quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

While stained glass and leaded lights share a common purpose of enhancing architectural spaces with visual interest and diffusion of light, they differ in their construction methods, materials, and aesthetic qualities. Whether you're drawn to one of the other, or require stained glass repairs, leaded light repairs, or stained glass restoration, our team in Tunbridge Wells is equipped to meet your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Visions in Glass to discuss your requirements, whether it’s stained glass or leaded lights you’re looking to feature in your Tunbridge Wells property. We can be reached on 07802 585 894.