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Bespoke Stained Glass in Clapham, Lewisham, Tunbridge Wells & the South East | Local Specialists Handling Repair, Restoration & New Commissions

Bespoke Stained Glass in Clapham, Lewisham, Tunbridge Wells & the South East | Local Specialists Handling Repair, Restoration & New Commissions

Welcome to the online home of Bromley Stained Glass, a Bromley-based specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of stained glass panels and leaded lights. Covering locations throughout London, Kent, Surrey and the wider South East, and proving especially popular around the bustling locales of Clapham, Lewisham and Tunbridge Wells, we’ve built a reputation for unrivalled craftsmanship, whether carrying out stained glass restoration or fitting bespoke stained glass pieces we’ve developed to a customer’s specifications.

Whether a recent accident has led to the need for stained glass repairs or leaded light repairs, or you’re looking for expert advice on choosing between Edwardian and Victorian stained glass features to beautify your home, we’d love to hear from you. Our previous work page showcases exactly what we’re capable of, and speaks to our reputation as the South East’s go-to professionals for all things pertaining to stained glass and leaded lights.

About Us

Bromley Stained Glass first began trading back in 1986, established by current company owner Mark Allchin. We were founded with particular values firmly in mind: honesty, integrity, and an all-consuming passion for stained glass. It’s in honouring these values that we’ve gradually become recognised as a leader in our field, and a fantastic choice for anything from a major stained glass restoration project in Clapham, to leaded light repairs in Lewisham, or an encapsulated stained glass commission in Tunbridge Wells.

The majority of our business comes from the domestic sector, but we also welcome inquiries from prospective clients in the commercial and public sectors, regularly working alongside architects, architectural salvage contractors, and glaziers. Decades of trade experience mean achieving outstanding results with everything we take on. So whether you choose us for the fitting of leaded lights, or repair work on recently damaged Victorian stained glass, you can expect a phenomenal outcome and an installation that attracts compliments from all the right quarters!

Our Approach

All the work we deliver comes with a peace of mind guarantee, in addition to manufacturer’s warranties on products used. We’re that confident that our work will meet, and most likely exceed our discerning clients’ high standards. This commitment to customer satisfaction also means, when you first get in contact with us, you’ll receive free advice and a no obligation quotation.

Our quotes are based on the amount of glass required to complete your commission, whether it’s stained glass repairs, or brand new bespoke stained glass or leaded lights that you’re looking to integrate within your Clapham, Lewisham or Tunbridge Wells property. Committed to providing competitive, fair and transparent pricing, we price completed panels after client consultation; this can sometimes take a little longer than the “ball park” guessing of other businesses in the sector, but it results in a fairer service and better price for you, the client.

Bromley Stained Glass is committed to providing a comprehensive service, and managing all aspects of the project from start to finish – design, build, installation. What’s more, both stained glass repairs and leaded light repairs can be performed on your site or at our workshop, dependent on what is most convenient for you.

Our Services

Below, we’ve run over some of the services we’re constantly called in for in areas from Clapham to Lewisham, Tunbridge Wells to much further afield throughout the wider South East. To narrow in and learn more about the service most relevant to you, navigate to its dedicated page via the drop down menu at the top of this page.

Stained Glass Repairs

There are all sorts of accidents that can result in shattered or cracked stained glass panes. But it needn’t be a tragedy when Bespoke Stained Glass is on hand to provide stained glass repairs, restoring your panels to their former glory, before reintroducing them with a professional installation service.

Stained Glass Restoration

Allow Bromley Stained Glass to undertake stained glass restoration, breathing new life into aging fixtures that could do with TLC from veteran professionals. To see some stunning before and afters, achieved in areas such as Clapham, Lewisham and Tunbridge Wells, why not navigate to our previous work page?

Bespoke Stained Glass

In designing and manufacturing bespoke stained glass panels, we can recreate any design you have in mind, traditional or contemporary. Consider anything from Edwardian or Victorian stained glass, to an Art Deco or 1930s look, or even a piece that recreates the aesthetic palette of designers like William Morris or McIntosh.

Leaded Lights

Our specialists design and produce bespoke leaded lights to add value and aesthetic appeal properties. Just as with our bespoke stained glass commissions, choose from colours, designs and period trends to match your new leaded lights with your property’s façade, and approach to interior design.

Leaded Light Repairs

If you’ve noticed your leaded lights have seen better days, or recently met the wrath of an errant cricket ball or poorly wielded tool, don’t fret – Bromley Stained Glass will ensure the accident is shortly just a distant memory via our leaded light repairs services.

Encapsulated Stained Glass

If you love the look of stained glass but want to enclose it within a unit, protecting it from potential damage while providing your property with an increased level of insulation, the encapsulated stained glass units we manufacture and install in South East locations such as Clapham, Lewisham and Tunbridge Wells may prove ideal.

Bromley Stained Glass proudly serve the South East as local stained glass specialists, handling repair, restoration, and brand new bespoke stained glass commissions for clients around Clapham, Lewisham and Tunbridge Wells. Contact us today on 07802 585 894