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Stained Glass Repairs in Tunbridge Wells, Clapham, Lewisham & the Wider South East | Visions in Glass

There are few things that make us wince quite like broken glass, whether it’s a vehicle windscreen or kitchen window that’s the unfortunate victim; damaged stained glass, whether cracked or chipped, somehow seems all the more tragic – a unique work of art that’s future is suddenly called into question. Help is at hand, however. Visions in Glass carry out stained glass repairs to restore these characterful features to their former, pre-accident condition. Covering areas including Clapham, Lewisham, Tunbridge Wells, and all other locations throughout Kent, London, Surrey and the wider South East, we have the expertise, facilities and materials required to handle stained glass repairs for windows of varying sizes and styles, from Victorian stained glass to modern encapsulated stained glass units.

Another common problem that can lead to the need for stained glass repairs is related to lead came, an element that’s both decorative and structural, shouldering the all-important task of keeping your stained glass firmly in place. Due to age or improper installation, it can begin to fail and cause glass to sag. Repairing or replacing lead came can restore looks and add years upon years onto the life of your stained glass. This can also be a vital stage in stained glass restoration, another service we offer clients around Clapham, Lewisham and Tunbridge Wells. Learn more about the specifics of stained glass restoration by clicking here, if general restoration is what you’re in the market for, as opposed to a specific repair.

Common Stained Glass Repairs We Carry Out

Glass Replacement

Here our team will:

  • Identify cracked or broken glass panes.
  • Carefully remove damaged pieces.
  • Cut and fit new glass to match the original design.
  • Securely install replacement glass using appropriate techniques.

Lead Repair

This sees our glaziers:

  • Inspect lead caming for deterioration or damage.
  • Reinforce weakened sections with additional lead.
  • Replace severely damaged lead sections.
  • Ensure structural integrity and weatherproofing.

Many stained glass repairs, especially those targeting smaller panes, can be conducted in situ at your property. However, work on larger scale panels or more technical, finicky projects will see us remove panels and take them to our workshop. A brief survey and consultation will inform which approach is best. Know that if we do need to take panels to our workshop, we will secure your site by boarding up the window space before leaving. Clapham, Lewisham and Tunbridge Wells can also rest assured that their stained glass will be kept safe during transportation; we’ve been trading since 1986, and part of the reason for our longevity is the care, respect and attention with which we treat stained glass.

Should you be concerned with damage reoccurring, we have an option for you: creating encapsulated stained glass units with existing panelling. This allows Clapham, Lewisham and Tunbridge Wells property owners to enjoy the delicate beauty which characterises stained glass, while taking advantage of the modern innovation of triple glazing, which improves durability, security and energy efficiency in one fell swoop.

If you require stained glass repairs in Clapham, Lewisham, Tunbridge Wells or any other location in the South East, contact the Visions in Glass team on 07802 585 894.