Stained Glass Repairs in Tunbridge Wells |Why It Is Important to Repair and Protect Stained Glass

Preserving old stained glass installations is about more than maintaining their beauty and the look of a property. Many leaded lights hold a lot of historical value and are a key feature of the character of a building. Often, such windows are even the oldest remaining decorations in a listed or historical building. Consequently, it is important to preserve them through professional stained glass repairs and stained glass restoration.

When you need considerate repair or restoration services in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas we cover, do not hesitate to call Visions in Glass. As well as working on existing coloured glass panels, we design, manufacture and install bespoke stained glass.

Benefits of Repair/Restoration

Leaded windows with colourful glasswork are still highly valued. So, if you own or manage a property in Tunbridge Wells with such windows, keep an eye on their condition and make sure you arrange specialist repairs if you notice any issues.

Benefits of our repairs include:

Prolonged Lifespan

When properly cared for, leaded lights can last hundreds if not thousands of years – the oldest known stained windows are in Germany and date back to the late 11th century. Stained glass repairs and restorations are key to such a long lifespan and ensuring we do not lose these important and beautiful parts of history.

Restore Beauty

Over time, coloured glass windows deteriorate and can lose some of their charm, looking rundown and neglected. Visions in Glass helps customers in the Tunbridge Wells area regain the original character and beauty of their windows by carrying out stained glass restorations. We offer this service for all kinds of bespoke stained glass, repairing as much as we can and, where necessary, sourcing matching replacement panels.

Increase Value

While you can commission new leaded windows, they will be nowhere near as valuable as the originals. Repaired and restored antique/historic windows are worth much more than new installations. Repairs can even enhance their value because they will last longer, thus becoming older, with greater historical/heritage value.

Signs You Need Stained Glass Repairs

If you are in Tunbridge Wells or any of the surrounding areas, contact Visions in Glass for stained glass restoration or repairs if you notice any of the following issues:

Our team undertakes bespoke stained glass repairs either in situ or off site, depending on the extent of the repair. We also repair leaded lights which do not include coloured glass.

For stained glass repairs in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas, please call 07802 585894.