Leaded Lights in Lewisham | Stained Glass Repairs and Restoration | How Do Lead Light and Stained Glass Installations Differ?

Are you in the market for a bespoke stained glass commission? Or are you searching for a specialist in leaded lights, stained glass repairs and stained glass restoration to return the original beauty of an existing installation? At Visions in Glass, we work with local property owners in Lewisham and the surrounding areas we cover to cater to every need for this stunning form of glazing. We have a genuine passion for what we do, so our services include free advice and quotations without obligation. Our team also happily takes the time to explain anything that you might not have 100% clarity on.

One of the most common areas for uncertainty is how leaded lights and stained glass windows differ. As an expert in restoration, repairs and installation with decades of experience, we’re perfectly placed to outline the differences.

Leaded or Stained Glass?

Many people in Lewisham and Greater London use these terms interchangeably. That’s not necessarily an issue, but it can cause confusion when you’re in the market for services related to this type of glazing. Notably, those in the industry differentiate the two in one basic way: leaded suggests a complete lack of colour while stained implies the use of colour. As with stained glass repairs and restoration, there is some inevitable overlap between the two. Windows don’t have to be exclusively one or the other; they can include aspects of both.

‘Leaded glass’ (or ‘leaded lights’) is an umbrella term which incorporates stained glass. In this sense, then, all stained glass is leaded, but not all leaded glass is stained. It is the use of lead came – the skeletal structure holding the individual panels together – that qualifies a piece as leaded glass.

When discussing bespoke stained glass restorations, repairs or commissions in Lewisham and the surrounding areas, we differentiate between the two. This ensures you have the utmost clarity, and confidence, as we move forward with your project.

Uses for Stained and Leaded Glass

Of course, stained glass windows are synonymous with churches. However, you can often find them in period properties, including those built in the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Arts & Crafts eras.

Due to the artistry involved in stained glass windows, including depictions of scenes and people, domestic homes are more likely to have leaded lights. If the design itself involves simple shapes like rectangles and circles, there isn’t a great need for staining – although it is possible.

Homes, business premises, churches – no matter your property type, both stained and leaded glass installations add value. The more elaborate your windows, the more unique and special they are. They are specific to your environment alone. This delivers a range of benefits, including:

We make bespoke stained glass repairs and commissions simple and hassle-free. Find out for yourself what makes us the go-to choice for leaded lights and stained glass restorations in Lewisham and the neighbouring areas.

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