Stained Glass in Clapham | What’s Best for Your Home’s Panel: Restoration, Repair or Replacement?

Does your Clapham home have leaded lights or a stained glass panel? These types of glazing add value and charm that other features simply can’t match. Unless you have had a recent bespoke stained glass commission, however, there’s a high chance that your installation is relatively old. To avoid disruption, inconvenience and higher costs, it’s vital to time services like stained glass restoration and stained glass repairs correctly. But how do you know when these windows require repair or replacement?

At Visions in Glass, we make stained and leaded glass in London and the surrounding areas we cover simple. Our team shares decades of industry experience, and our company has a trading history stretching back to 1986. When it comes to stained glass repairs, restorations and commissions, there’s no project we can’t deliver.

Leaded and Stained Glass | Repair or Replace?

There are a few key considerations that can help you establish if you should repair or replace, including the following:

How Old is Your Panel?

Finding out the age of your leaded window is a great starting point. If your Clapham home is especially old, there’s a chance your installation has been in place for over a century. Understandably, windows of this age likely need some TLC.

Of course, the ultimate solution will depend on the condition of your own leaded lights. The only way to ascertain how well your window is holding up is to examine it.

With the glass panels, look for abrasions and scratches that impede clarity. You may also find build-ups of natural dirt and smog, or chemical agents, that make it look dated and dingy. If any panels have chips or cracks, these should be a priority for stained glass restoration and repair work as they are more susceptible to breaking.

Check the Supporting Structures

Glass itself is essentially impervious to natural deterioration. This is why the most common form of bespoke stained glass repairs involve impact damage. The biggest concern comes in the form of the skeletal structure (lead came) holding the individual panels together. Over time, this structure deteriorates and sags. When this occurs, glass near the ‘edge’ is likely to crack.

Without prompt stained glass restoration or repairs, panels may even fall out. With weaker structures, all it takes is a strong vibration or wind. If left unresolved, you will need to replace the entire window at your Clapham home sooner rather than later.

Don’t Stress Over Dirt

Be it smoke, pollution or oxidation, it’s natural for leaded lights and stained glass to become dirty with time. With grime and dirt building up on both sides of the glass, colours may even appear different: pinks may look red, and purples can take on a black tinge.

It’s important to note that dirt isn’t permanent and rarely, if ever, requires stained glass repairs. A professional cleaning service is usually all it takes to restore sparkle, shine and colour.

Small or Large Repairs?

Many homeowners in Clapham take pride in their leaded lights. As such, they monitor their condition for signs of minor issues. This proactive approach usually avoids larger stained glass restoration and repair work.

If you’re not so attentive, you run the risk of giving smaller issues the time to develop into bigger problems. Should you miss even these, you run the risk of needing a full replacement.

This is because water damage is one of the leading causes of window replacement. The moment your installation is no longer watertight, it’s structural integrity will steadily decline to the point of failure.

For bespoke stained glass repairs, restoration and new commissions, look no further than Visions in Glass.

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